Where to sleep in Sovana
Built in the Etruscan era with the name of “Suana”, Sovana became an important Roman city elevated to the role of municipality. Starting from the fifth century, Sovana became a bishopric and in the year one thousand the Aldobrandesca fortress was built. Having become a free municipality in the medieval period, the village of Sovana gave birth to Ildebrando, better known as Pope Gregory VII. From 1200 the town passed under the Orsini government, and remained there for two centuries, until the Sienese conquest. Starting from the second half of 1500, Sovana definitively passed to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.
Today Sovana is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and one of the most beautiful and well-known tourist destinations in the Tuscan Maremma.
Taking a holiday in this delightful village will be an experience of absolute magic, among ancient buildings, archaeological areas and excellent food and wine!
Choose to live this experience by booking a Hotel, Agriturismo, Residence or B&B in Sovana and you will be able to combine the charm of an ancient village with a lot of relaxation and well-being, in a unique setting like that of southern Tuscany and the Tufo area.
Sovana offers many opportunities, from visiting the oldest buildings, the Cathedral of San Pietro, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Palazzo dell’Archivio and the Palazzo Pretorio, to discovering the archaeological area, guardian of the famous vie cave and necropolis , or treat yourself to a food and wine tour and discover the local products and cuisine in the restaurants and wine bars!
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