Naturalistic Archaeological Park of Vulci
An ancient city of Etruscan origin, today Vulci is one of the most important archaeological areas in the territory of the Tuscan-Lazio Maremma.
Vulci was one of the main cities of Etruria, thanks mainly to its proximity to the sea, which made it a power from a commercial point of view, towards Greece and the East.
The city was surrounded by numerous necropolises, the main ones are those of Cavalupo, Ponte Rotto, Osteria, Campo di Maggio and Camposcala, here there are tombs of various eras and types, mounds, chamber and corridor tombs, just to name a few, among the most famous tombs: the Tumulo della Cuccumella and the François Tomb.
Vulci is today a naturalistic / archaeological park where it is possible to admire the archaeological excavations of the ancient Etruscan-Roman city of Vulci and the Etruscan necropolis, with the tombs of the nobles.
Numerous paths inside the park combine nature with archeology, so it will be possible to admire the path of the Fiora river, the Maremma cows and the horses that live in the wild.
In addition, the “Devil’s Bridge” dating back to the third century BC, about 30 meters high, and the Castello della Badia, built in 1200, are certainly worth a visit.
Inside the castle there is the Archaeological Museum of Vulci, where finds from the Archaeological Area and the Necropolis, ceramics, bronzes, ex voto and everyday objects are exhibited.
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