Apartments in Sovana
Sovana is one of the most beautiful jewels of the Maremma, a corner of history, culture and nature in southern Tuscany.
The village of Sovana is very ancient, in fact it was born in the Etruscan era with the name of Suana, after the conquest of Vulci, which took place in 280 BC. Sovana also became a municipality of Rome. Already in the fifth century Sovana became a bishopric. The Aldobrandesca fortress was built in the year one thousand, at the behest of the family of the same name, later Sovana gave birth to Pope Gregory VII, known here as Ildebrando di Suana. at the end of 1200 it was ruled by the Orsini, to then pass to the Sienese and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.
Today Sovana is one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of Italy” and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Maremma.
One of the elements that makes Sovana unique of its kind is certainly the Area del Tufo Archaeological Park, an archaeological area entirely dedicated to the Etruscans and the Romans, with the vie cave, the ancient settlements and the necropolis. The Necropolis is the fulcrum of the archaeological park, here you can admire the Tomb of the Siren, the Tomb of the Typhoon, the Grotto of Pola and the Ildebranda Tomb.
In summer Sovana organizes one of the most anticipated events “Sovana Aperta”, a series of concerts and performances that promote local history, culture and art.
Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday by choosing an Apartment in Sovana.
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Località S.Maria dell’Aquila – 58010 Sorano (GR)


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Loc. Via San Marco, 18 – Strada Pitigliano/Sorano km 10 – 58010 – Sorano (GR)