Sorano Market Exhibition
Now in its 35th edition, the “Mostra Mercato” is certainly one of the most anticipated events in the village of Sorano.
The exhibition is dedicated to local artisan products, but also to the typical products of the area, with the participation of the local wineries, dairy and organic companies.
Tastings of wines and typical products are organized.
Astronomers and Astrologers also take part in the event, with astrological observations of the sky of Sorano at the panoramic terrace of Masso Leopoldino, one of the main monuments of the Tuscan village.
Also unmissable is the traditional concert of the “G. Verdi di Sorano” Philharmonic.
Furthermore, every evening, the event is accompanied by concerts of Jazz, Blues, Folk and Rock music.
At the end of the event, the traditional “Marcialonga”, a foot race from Sovana to Sorano.