Farmhouse in Sorano
Sorano is one of the most characteristic villages of the Tufo area, a charming town with an ancient history, full of charm and monuments to discover.
Walking through the streets of the historic center of Sorano, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in that typical atmosphere of the Maremma villages, made up of ancient traditions, genuine and authentic flavors and respect for the seasons, the rhythms of nature.
What to see in Sorano:
Church of San Niccolò, built in the 13th century, and keeper of some precious works of art, such as a painting from 1884, by the Manchiano painter Pietro Aldi
Palazzo Comitale, or Palazzo Orsini, dating back to the 12th century and the first official residence of the homonymous family
Cinta Muraria, an imposing defensive system of the city, dating back to the medieval period, there are two access gates, Porta di Sopra, at the foot of the Orsini Fortress, and Porta di Sotto, or Porta dei Merli, at the foot of Masso Leopoldino
Fortezza Orsini, completed in 1552, was built by the architect Anton Maria Lari, at the request of Count Niccolò IV Orsini, starting from the pre-existing Aldobrandesca fortress. The building now houses the Museum of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
Masso Leopoldino, is a fortification dating back to the medieval period, surrounded by scarp walls, has a watchtower, and houses a panoramic terrace.
A holiday in Sorano will allow you to fully discover the charm of the tuff area, granting you a relaxing holiday among spas, food and wine and history.
Many accommodation facilities to choose from, but in particular an Agriturismo in Sorano will certainly be the best choice, to combine relaxation, nature and excellent cuisine in one place.
For you we have selected the best farmhouses in Sorano, for a truly unforgettable holiday experience in the Tuscan Maremma:


Tel: +39 0564 617173
Strada Prov. di Sorano 2920/a – Pitigliano (GR) 58017


Tel: 0564617020
Loc. Poggio Cavalluccio – 58017 Pitigliano (GR)


Tel: +39 3205309058
Loc. Poggio delle Conche snc – 58017 Pitigliano (GR)


Tel: +39 393 9341161 – 0564 619137
Str. Maremmana 74 Est – 58017 Pitigliano (GR)