Luziana summer
In August in Semproniano one of the most interesting events of the season takes place, the “Estate Luziana” festival.
The festival is dedicated to one of Semproniano’s most important personalities, the famous poet Mario Luzi.
Mario Luzi was born in Castello (Florence) in 1914 from parents originally from Semproniano, after graduating in French literature, he began to frequent the environment of hermetic culture, making friends with some of the most important figures including Piero Bigongiari, Carlo Bo, Leone Traverse.
He collaborated with some of the most important avant-garde magazines, “Frontespizio”, “Campo di Marte”, “Paragone”, “Letteratura”.
In 1935 he released his first collection of poems “La Barca”, in 1940 he published “Advent by night”, in 1946 “Un Brindisi” and “Quaderno Gotico”, in 1963 “Nel Magma”, his poetic and literary collection is very rich.
In 2004, on the occasion of his 90th birthday, he was appointed Senator for Life.
The event that is held every year, dedicated to Mario Luzi, includes poetry readings and projections in his honor.