Morellino Classical Festival
Festival dedicated to classical music that takes place in Scansano, Morellino Classica Festival is one of the most anticipated events in Maremma.
The event is organized by the Cultural Association “La Società della Musica”, with the patronage of the municipalities of Scansano, Manciano and Grosseto.
The event takes place from May to December throughout the Tuscan Maremma area (where the extraordinary Morellino di Scansano DOCG wine is produced), and involves all the most important personalities of music and art.
The Morellino Classica is a festival dedicated to symphonic, lyric, contemporary and jazz music, with space also dedicated to the presentation of books, records, paintings and exhibitions.
End of Year Concert
Dariusz Mikulski, horn
Davide Alogna, violin
Pietro Bonfilio, slowly