Torciata of San Giuseppe Pitigliano
On the occasion of San Giuseppe, on March 19th of each year one of the most traditional events is held in Pitigliano, the “Torciata di San Giuseppe”.
It is a historic event for the town which, due to its spectacular nature, is much loved by locals and visitors to the village.
During the event, which takes place over several days, there are itinerant shows, music, entertainment and historical parades, until the night of March 19th, when the real torch begins.
Forty men, dressed in a simple habit and hooded, depart from the via cava di San Giuseppe and carry a bundle of long flaming reeds on their shoulders.
Once in the village, they gather in the town square, where “the innacciu” has been set up, that is a huge straw puppet depicting winter, the torches, all together, lay the bundles at the foot of the innacciu which ignites, and symbolically, winter is greeted to welcome spring and wish a bountiful harvest.