Infiorata Pitigliano
To celebrate the feast of Corpus Domini in Pitigliano the traditional “Infiorata” is organized.
This is a widespread tradition throughout Tuscany and which seems to date back to the 17th century, in honor of the feast of Saints Peter and Paul in the Vatican.
The volunteers of Pitigliano begin to organize the work tools already from the day before the party, then broom flowers, colored flowers, rosemary, wild flowers, leaves and rose petals are prepared, everything is divided by color.
On the streets the edges of the image to be colored are drawn and we proceed by filling them with flowers, following a precise pattern, and obtaining truly breathtaking images.
The procession takes place at 18:00, after which it is traditional to take a rose petal, or a sprig of rosemary and bring it home, as a good luck charm.