Orsini Sorano Fortress
The Orsini Fortress is the symbolic monument of Sorano, an imposing fortress of medieval origin that dominates the town from above.
The fortress was built in the twelfth century, with the function of residence of the Aldobrandeschi family, inherited from the Orsini at the end of the twelfth century, the fortress became the official residence of the family and the command center of the Orsini county.
 It is a very complex building, there are two entrances, from below by means of a door (which originally was equipped with a drawbridge), from above, by means of a stone bridge.
Inside, the most important building is the castle, which served as a manor house, here you can still admire some frescoes of the Sienese school dating back to 1500, the most particular is the one depicting the song by Giovanni Boccaccio “I am young girl “, extracted from the IX day Decameron, and commissioned by Niccolò IV Orsini.
The other important section of the fortress consists of a sixteenth-century building, in neoclassical style, connected to the fortress by two bastions, that of San Marco and that of San Pietro.
The fortress now houses the Museum of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, where, among other things, interesting collections of medieval ceramics are exhibited.
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