Street Music Festival Manciano Maremma Toscana
Manciano Street Music Festival
In June Manciano hosts a special event “Manciano Street Music Festival”, a music festival in the streets of the town.
The streets of the town rejoice thanks to the numerous participating bands, colorful and full of joy, small concerts are organized in every corner of the town, during the weekly market, for the main street and for the characteristic alleys, every day is full of events and each band gives its best to create a truly one-of-a-kind event!
The event gathers the participation of a large number of people every year, and is an opportunity to enjoy a few days of fun and entertainment in Maremma.
Groups and bands from Italy and abroad participate in the event and for three days, on the weekend, they give life to concerts along the streets of the town, improvising pieces and cheering tourists and locals with dances and music.
On Saturday night, a great concert with all the bands that take turns on stage.