Hotel in Manciano
In the south of Tuscany, in the heart of that magical land that is the Maremma, there is an ancient village full of charm and certainly one of a kind: Manciano!
Of medieval origin, the village of Manciano hosts some important monuments and historic buildings, including the Church of San Leonardo, the Clock Tower, the Fountain of Piazza Garibaldi, built in Liberty style and the Rocca Aldobrandesca, surmounted by the panoramic tower, from which to admire a wonderful landscape.
Manciano is a town full of events and activities, among the main events, which have now become historic, we cannot fail to mention the Manciano Street Music Festival, a street music festival that takes place in June, the Cartoon Village, dedicated to the world of cartoons and of souls, in July, the Palio delle Botti, a palio that sees the 6 city districts, Borgo, Cassero, Fonti, Imposta, Monumento and Mulinello, in August, and finally the Cantine Festival, in September, to celebrate one of the most traditional products, wine, in the streets of the historic center many open cellars, with wine, typical products and sweets, music and entertainment.
A Hotel in Manciano is certainly the most comfortable solution for a stay in this splendid corner of Maremma, comfort, relaxation and well-being in the heart of the town to fully experience the spirit of this Tuscan village.
By choosing a Hotel in Manciano you will have the opportunity to stay in the comfort of a high-level accommodation facility … spoiling yourself a little!
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