Festa delle Cantine Manciano
Feast of the Manciano Cellars
Maremma is a land deeply linked to peasant traditions and typical products, one of the most important is wine, and here, in Maremma, you are spoiled for choice .. tasty whites and strong reds to accompany excellent dishes of the local culinary tradition.
A historic event in the village of Manciano is dedicated to wine, the Cantine Festival and it is certainly one of the most awaited events in the area.
Dedicated to the food and wine culture of the Maremma, the Festa delle Cantine is an opportunity to celebrate and have fun.
The cellars of the historic center are opened and many volunteers work throughout the weekend to prepare typical dishes of the local tradition, offering dishes based on wild boar, acquacotta, ciaffagnoni and much more …! Naturally all accompanied by the extraordinary white and red wines of the local wineries.
During the party, music and traveling shows.
In the streets of the center there is also the traditional market, where you can find typical products and handicrafts.
The event, as per tradition, takes place on the second weekend of September.