In Maremma relaxation and well-being are two essential elements, this land offers in fact spas and places of relaxation that are unique in their kind.
The uncontaminated nature and the ancient villages frame one of the richest territories of natural spas and spas, for a wellness holiday in southern Tuscany.
Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort® luxurious thermal complex in Saturnia, with sulphurous thermal waters at 37 ° C, the water is of Sulfur-Carbonic-Sulphate-Bicarbonate-Alkaline-Earthy type, particularly indicated in the treatment of dermatological and respiratory diseases and circulatory. The spa has numerous swimming pools, a large spring water pool, water paths, hydromassage, wellness center, restaurant and a luxurious 5-star hotel.
The Terme di Sorano, set in a large park, amidst large green gardens, the waters are bicarbonate-magnesium-calcium at a temperature of 36 ° C. The spas have a thermal water pool, a sports pool, the “Friars’ Bath” a suggestive natural pool dating back to the 15th century, in the heart of the woods. The spa complex is also equipped with a traditional Maremma restaurant, a wellness center and elegant private apartments and villas.
The Terme di Vulci, in Canino, just thirty minutes from the village of Manciano, in the heart of the Tuscan-Laziale Maremma, a few minutes from the Vulci Archaeological Park. Recently opened, these spas are characterized by bicarbonate-sulphate water -calcium-fluorinated-ferruginous-acidulous, microbiologically pure, particularly indicated in the treatment of arthro-rheumatic diseases, balneotherapy, dermatological diseases and phlebopathies. The spa complex has 4 swimming pools and a refreshment point.

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In Maremma you will also find the most beautiful free spas in Tuscany, Le Cascate del Mulino, a mystical and unique place of its kind …
Here the thermal waters of Saturnia fall from the top of a waterfall, pouring into the underlying natural pools, dug by the water over the centuries in the limestone rock.
The natural pools are truly beautiful, the continuous flow of water, the surrounding nature and the ancient mill make this place one of the most evocative in the world!
The waters are very rich in beneficial properties and particularly indicated in the treatment of dermatological, respiratory and circulatory diseases.
The Cascate del Mulino are open all year round and are free!