Riding stables and horseback riding
Horses and Maremma are a perfect union … in fact, the figure of Buttero was born here, the guardian of the cattle on horseback who guided the Maremma cows on their journey through the pastures. The cowboys today no longer carry out their function, but you can still admire their ancient work in the many representations that take place during the village festivals.
Discovering the Maremma on horseback, still today, remains one of the most beautiful experiences that can be lived and one of the best ways to visit this vast territory still so pure and uncorrupted, a small unspoiled corner in southern Tuscany.
Many paths and paths to choose from to reach unique places of their kind, passing through groves, countryside and gentle hills, up to perhaps one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, such as Montemerano, Sovana and Pitigliano, or one of the villages historians of the Maremma, such as Manciano, Capalbio, Scansano or Sorano, or head towards the Cascate del Mulino and treat yourself to a nice regenerating bath in the warm sulphurous waters at 37.5 ° C.